Nov 042018

MORNING & EVENING CLASSES AVAILABLE! Relieve stress, improve balance, gain strength, create long lean muscles. These are all experience yoga flow classes. If you are new to yoga and want to test the waters, these are the classes for you. Instructors will help you modify the poses to meet your physical needs. See our schedule below and feel free to call us for more details.


MON    9a-10a                Hatha Yoga with Linda

TUE     10:30a-11:30a    Easy Restorative Flow with Stephanie

WED    9a-10a                Hatha Yoga with Linda

SAT      9a-10:15a          Yoga with Linda


TUE     6p-6:45p       Vinyasa Flow Class with Jennifer

THU    6p-6:45p       Vinyasa Flow Class with Jennifer