Linda McDowell – Owner

linda-mcdowellLinda McDowell is owner of Flacas Fitness and Brews. Linda’s philosophy is that fitness should be fun, good for you, and something you look forward to. She has been a practicing (but not perfect) fitness fanatic (fan-addict) for most of her adult life. Linda has enjoyed many outlets of physical fitness over the years including swimming, scuba diving, running, weight lifting, walking and yoga. Linda also believes part of healthy living includes eating well. By that she means eating and drinking whole, healthy foods — real foods — not that fake packaged stuff, chock-full of chemicals. And who says healthy can’t be good and fun at the same time?

Flacas Fitness and Brews is Linda’s vision where a dichotomy of people will gather. She hopes that some folks will come for the good grub, some for the brews and smoothies (or both), some for the fitness, and some folks for the whole experience. Her desire is that Flacas Fitness and Brews will be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Whatever your reason for coming and wherever you are from — Linda wants you to feel welcome here, like a good friend!


cassie-needhamCassie Needham

Born and raised in Hico, Texas, Cassie is the proud mama of a feisty toddler. In her free time she likes to …. um, wait … what free time!? The toddler keeps her busy! Cassie enjoys Texas country music and an old dance floor. Come visit her at Flacas Fitness & Brews.



Mike McDowell – Owner

mike-mcdowellMike is owner of Flacas Fitness & Brews and also Linda’s husband (in case the last name didn’t give it away). Mike has another business which keeps him plenty busy as an Organic Feed Broker for several organic dairies in Texas and the south west.

Mike is a spin-bike enthusiast and he likes to eat, so he will be seen milling about and making friends. And on occasion, he may even fill in where needed.